Net Income is a weekly breakdown of the fascinating and wildly profitable companies all around us, hiding in plain sight. If you’re a business nerd who gets weak at the knees when you hear the words “accelerated capital allowances,” you’re the right place.

Written by a qualified accountant and small business CFO, Net Income is an expression of business knowledge and curiosity, designed to delight, inform, and shed light on underappreciated and under-the-radar businesses.

About the Author

Net Income is written by me, Andrew Lynch. I have over a decade of experience in finance and operational roles at companies as small as three people and as big as 30,000 people. I have a day job as a small company CFO here in the UK, and I also do consulting and advisory work for startups and SMEs. My claim to fame is that Tucker Max fired me the day before Christmas Eve. You will prise MS Excel out of my cold, dead hands.

You can connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Small business CFO. ENTP. Excel fanboy. Writer of Net Income. I share stories and breakdowns of the wonderful businesses all around us.