Don’t be an idiot. Everything I write here is for fun. Look after your own money, and don’t buy or sell based on the words of some bloke with a newsletter — because you don’t know what that bloke is invested in for real. In fact 99% of my liquid net worth is in global index funds (the other 1% is some BTC I bought because Balaji said it was going to the moon 🚀🚀), so it’d be easier to list the companies I don’t have an interest in.

Or, put in a way that my lawyer might approve of:

  • Net Income is for entertainment purposes only.1

  • Nothing you read on Net Income constitutes investment advice, nor should it be relied upon to make investment decisions.

  • Some of the companies I cover in Net Income might be public companies, and I might have positions in those companies.

Do your own damn research. And don’t ask the barber (Balaji) if you need a haircut (Bitcoin).


And sometimes, if I’m having a bad day, not even that.